Program for Wednesday 28 November

A dense and rich program: ENOTREND, the cultural event that joins RIVE 2018 and which will take place in a dedicated space on the days of 27, 28 and 29 November at the Pordenone fair.

The program is subject to change. Pordenone Fiere declines any responsibility for any mistakes or omissions.

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9:30 – 12:00

What sustainability in viticulture?

The theme of the sustainability of agricultural production particularly that of wine growing, in view of its economic importance for our country, for the impact it has on the environment, the use of plant protection products and for the symbolic and evocative social contents of its consumption, is a crucial issue for consumers and producers, stimulating the development of innovative wine growing and wine certification strategies. In the recent years, the sector has used the shortcut of the organic, which proves to be insufficient to provide wide ranging and convincing answers to the many still unresolved questions underpinning a fully sustainable approach to the production of wine. There are two topics that can grant a substantial contribution to the improvement of sustainable wine production: the applications of the economy of space in precision viticulture and a national certification for Italian wines to guarantee consumers, accompanied by an institutional communication campaign.

Moderator: Director Dr. Antonio Boschetti – Informatore Agrario magazine.

The sustainability of wine production, an opportunity for European Community producers. Dr. Stefano Cinti  – Euroepan Commission Directorate General for Agriculture

Sustainable viticulture, digital and genetic innovation: where are we? Prof. Attilio Scienza – Chairman of the Scientific Committee Rive 2018

Sustainability, transparency and traceability for the consumer: the role of labeling. The point of view of the representatives of producers and consumers.

New tools to evaluate the traceability of wines Dott.ssa Federica Camin – Traceability Responsible Fmach

The following round-table discussion will follow:

The standards of sustainability of Italian wine: towards a single, unitary standard

  • Dr. Giuseppe Blasi – Mipaaft
  • Prof. Ettore Capri – VIVA
  • Dr. R. Ricci Curbastro – Equalitas

9:30 – 10:15

“How to optimize the costs of the agricultural holding? IoAgri an ally for small and medium-sized farms “, by Vito Sanitate – Founder of ioAgri and Silvano Cannone – Product Project Manager of Unifrutti Traders Ltda

The continuing demand for greater competitiveness in the primary sector today involves also the renewed role of the agricultural entrepreneur whose skills can no longer be limited to agronomic choices but must proceed, with ever increasing precision, also to the managerial side of the business. The agriculture of today requires the employ of increasingly complex business analysis tools and the constant updating of business plans. Production costs must be monitored on a daily basis and therefore demand tools that can offer entrepreneurs a general overview and a timely analysis. It is necessary to constantly check the investments and the production value of each individual crop and to update in real time even the smallest variations in order to optimize costs and daily expenditures. ioAgri is designed to address the world of small businesses that need to analyze all the main costs of the company through simplified and easy to fill guides. With ioAgri you can monitor the impact of the costs of machinery, labour, rentals, utilities and overheads in order to calculate the effective production cost of each individual crop in the field. In the speech we aim at presenting to the public an overview of the services offered, showing the ease of use of this online software, that can be used from home or directly in the countryside and its reports that represent data and final assessments for the agricultural entrepreneur.

10:30 – 11:30

“Fertilisers in the vineyard for quality grapes” – Federica Gaiotti – Crea, by the Informatore Agrario

11:00 – 11:45
HALL 5 – STAND 5.8

Flavescence dorée: a problem not to be underestimated Pierbruno Mutton, by Ersa

11:30 – 12:30

Wine Tasting: The mystery of the mushroom … the sparkling wine much further than Madame Cliquot – by Dr. Stefano Zaninotto – Amorim Cork

Once the sparkling wine was almost exclusively limited to happy and festive events, and the bang generated by its opening meant that the party had started! Today much has changed and the sparkling wine thanks to Prosecco has invaded the world both in terms of circulation and in terms of consumption. However, it remains a product that must be treated with care as it is a liquid with high pressure and behaves differently from normal wine. Its capping and uncorking is subjected to very strict physical rules, little known that remain undisclosed at all. The meeting aims at clarifying some technical aspects and some curiosities related to this inseparable duo: the sparkling wine and its cork.

12:00 – 13:00

“Production and quality: binomial possible in the vineyard thanks to the use of specific bio-stimulants” by Green Has Italia in collaboration with Zamarian Agricoltura and Cooperativa Spazio.

During the technical meeting, three products will be presented: the Green BZn a product having a biostimulating action to be used in combination with Tricoderma strains in the Mal dell’Esca prevention programme; Expando a biostimulant that has achieved excellent results in viticulture both on the Pinot Grigio with rachis and production elongation and on Prosecco rachis elongation but above all enhancing the fruit setting and finally Hascon M10 a product used at the end of the cycle to increase the brix grade and the colour points.

12:30 – 13:30

The new frontiers of sustainability by Consorzio Tutela Vini Soave, Consorzio Tutela Conegliano Valdobbiadene e Consorzio Tutela Vino Merlara Doc


Light Buffet offered by Bcc Pordenonese

14:00 – 15:00

“Remote monitoring from the vineyard to fermentation” Andrea Antonelli – Modena and Reggio University, by the Informatore Agrario magazine.

14:30 – 16:30

“The wine sector in North Eastern Italy. A comparison” The support by the Iccrea Banking Group by BCC Pordenonese and Iccrea Banking Group

The presence for the second edition of the Rive of BCC Pordenonese and of the Iccrea Banking Group has grown in importance and strength, with the BCC of the Northeast to be counted amongst the main financial players in the whole wine sector.

Highly qualified conference organized on 28 November at 2.30, “The wine sector in North Eastern Italy. A comparison” The support of the Iccrea Banking Group that will number amongst the speakers, in addition to the representatives of BCC Pordenonese and the companies of the Banking Group, dott. Denis Pantini of Nomisma who will draw a picture of the wine sector of the North East of Italy and will provide indications how to face the challenges of increasingly international markets. A qualified round table discussion with representatives of all the major Consortiums for the protection of the territory that will discuss the 2018 harvest and the activities that the Consortiums are developing to qualify their presence in the markets will roll up the event with the participation of all the North East Italy BCC Iccrea Banking Group to emphasize the special consideration that the BCCs devote to the sector.

15:00 – 15:45
HALL 5 – STAND 5.8

Experimentation in integrated and biological viticulture and development of models to support phytosanitary defence Gori Gianluca, Bianco Davide, Stocco Marco e Castelluccio Markus, by Ersa

15:30 – 17:30

“Zorvec and the Corteva Agriscience catalogue for a sustainable viticulture” by Dupont

15:30 – 18:00

“The microbiological fertility of the soil: from research to practical results in the vineyard” by BluAgri

A unique event to improve the knowledge of the issues of soil microbiological fertility reconsidered in a practical way accessible to all. The microbiota, or the set of bacterial and fungal populations living in the soil, is the key to fertility. His role is proving fundamental for modern viticulture. Thanks to national and international speakers the various aspects that contribute to the improvement of fertility in the vineyard will be addressed, from the development of the root to the production of grapes.

Prof. Andrea Squartini – University of Padua DAFNAE – “Microbial biodiversity as a value for the environment and for the enterprise. Methods to protect it and indicators to measure it. ”

Dr. Alberto Acedo – Biomemakers – San Francisco (USA) – “Vineyard microbiome assembly: boundaries and networks in global, functional and pathogenic microbial diversity”

“The complex microbiome of the vineyard: border and networks in the global, functional and pathogenic microbial diversity”

Dr. Martina Broggio – “The soil microbiota stimulus and its results in the field”

Dott. Filippo Taglietti – “Budget and economic sustainability in the use of the BluVite line”

Dott. Diego Ivan – Responsible Friuli – BluAgri – “The green manure: a biosustainable technique to increase the fertility of the vineyard”.

17:00 – 18:00

Tasting of local wines in collaboration with CCIAA Udine Pordenone

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