Expo Rive 2018: international vinery and enology show

2018 exhibitors (updating):

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Production of


Everything for viticultural tree growing: machinery and materials for the various stages of grafted vine preparation, from rootstock cleaning to waxing and cold storage. Techniques and technological innovation for a key sector of the wine world.

Machines for


Machinery and equipment for grapevine cultivation, from the planting of rooted grafts all the way to the explant, including fertilization and soil irrigation, as well as the harvest phase.

Treatment of the


Materials for the cultivation of grape varieties, raw materials, chemical and biological products for plant health treatment, to fight pathogens in different phenological stages: dormancy, bud burst, cluster formation and bloom.

Machines and products for


Equipment and products for processing grapes into wine and for the subsequent refinement procedure: structures for filtration and cleansing, fermentation and aging containers, barrels, casks, barriques, vats.

Marketing of the


Products for wine packaging: containers (glass, PET, Bag-in-Box), labels, corks, caps, packaging and printing. Machines for bottling, inspection, and product measuring for marketing

Other services and


Services, equipment and cross products, software for viticulture and cellars. Specific oenological services: biotechnology, consultation, vine varieties, territorials, wine storage, tasting.

RIVE is…
at the world center
Italy has a major global role in the wine growing and producing sector. Thus, for the companies involved, diversifying the market and undertaking their own internationalization have become strategic targets to overcome the challenges of the new global market. RIVE presents the best wine-producers of the wine-production chain, acting as a national and international reference point of the wine for: : viticulture; machines and products for grapevine treatment; machines and products for wine-making; products, technologies and services for product marketing .
RIVE is…
sparkling processing and grafted vines
If specialization is the key to success, Rive has chosen to be qualified, paying particular attention to territorial excellence through two important focus: techniques and technologies for sparkling processing on the internationally renowned success of Prosecco; grafted vine production, sector in which Pordenone is a world leader, with 30% of the global market.
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In 2015, Friuli Venezia Giulia has exported wine for more than 1 million euros: a goal that the Regional Minister for Agricultural Resources, Cristiano Shaurli, has defined fundamental to aim even higher. Wine production in FVG represents 2% of Italian production...


Glera is the winner of the Palme d'Or for number of seedlings nursed, with 23,634,913 units, among the 406 grape varieties which have produced grafted cuttings in 2016. This was reported by the CREA (Council for Research in Agriculture and Agricultural Economy Analysis) through its National Vine Certification Service…


According to preliminary estimates of UIV, ISMEA and Mipaaf, in 2016 Italian production will amount to 48.5 million hectoliters, with an increase of 9% compared to the average of the last five years. The favorable climate and the investment on the quality of the rows describe a steadily growing situation for our country. Among the regions, Fvg…


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